In 1977 Romano del Pia founded a company specialized in the production of solid chains. The three sons Giorgio, Alfredo and Stefano began their training in the paternal company where they learned notions of all the production processes, commercial and management skills. In 1991 they set up an independent company, Del Pia spa, with the approval of his father Romano who sees the dream of continuity of his passion for goldsmithing in his three children fulfilled. Del Pia specializes in the production of jewelery with the use of cane and hollow chains, for products of strong aesthetic value and with an affordable price. The technological update, indispensable for success in world markets, has given the company a good competitive advantage. Other success factors have been continuous product innovation and the ability of skilled labor. Del Pia employs about twenty people and a network of external laboratories. The philosophy of the Roman founder has permeated the company that recognizes its values in team work, quality and service.